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History of E-Cigarettes


Shopping for E-Cig Deals Online for the Best Prices

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Electronic cigarettes can range from cheap to expensive, and their functionality is not always fully known. Some of the best e-cigs are not the priciest vaporizers on the market, and vice versa. A quality electronic cigarette does not have to cost a fortune. There are many coupon and deal sites available to streamline the savings process, and some of them will even offer advice as well as reviews.

There are many types of deals that are advertised through coupon sites that are widely available for customers to use and take advantage of. The World Wide Web is a vaping dealslarge place, and just like the word world, there are literally deals streaming in from every area of the globe. First, one should find an e-cig company that is located in their region i.e. if you live in California; you should shop through a USA electronic cigarette company.

Deals on e-cigs are like weeds; they spring up all over the place. Finding the best coupons and specials can be as simple as looking though social media outlets and hashtaging the exact phrase that the shopper wants to incorporate or by simply going into the actual profiles of the vendors in order to locate the company’s specific deals.

Customers can find deals and sales which only save them even more money when transitioning to the vapor alternative. The savings add up fast when applying promos to existing cheap prices. E-cig users can save thousands of dollars over the course of the year by not only switching, but by using a little time to find the best deals when it comes to searches and weaving through the massive internet. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you work with an experienced company such as Brick Pointing New York.

Saving money on e-cigs means more money in the customer’s pocket to spend on other things such as trips, bills and even awards that ex-smokers will put aside from their savings to purchase something large like a boat or even a new car. With extra money at a former smoker’s disposal, many new doors open, as e-cigs are far cheaper.

Finding exclusive deals isn’t as exclusive as one might think. Forums like ECF, or Electronic Cigarette Forum, is a great place to ask questions and to locate current sales and coupons. These vapers are veterans of the craft and often, collectively, can steer new users and those looking for bigger and more expensive mods the right direction as far as price, value and even warranty policies. From social media sites to large groups in forums, deals are littered all over the place.

Shopping and saving simultaneously is a trick of the trade that all electronic cigarette users should learn, as just like smoking cigarettes, e-cigs do cost some money. Saving even more on the prices that are already being saved on really adds up. Discounts are a prerogative of steady vapers, because users are all about saving money.

Finding Coupons for Electronic Cigarettes – Big Savings on E-Cigs

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Coupons and sales for electronic cigarettes and vaporizers can be found all over the place. From specific, coupon-oriented websites to forums and social media, finding a deal on your e-cig is easy and requires a little digging. Shopping for e-cigs is like shopping for deodorant; everyone has their pick and finding discounts and sales are posted all over the web. When marketing these devices a great SEO company can help you find these products and deals better on the web.

So where to begin? The best place to start is just by using Google. Searching for a sale is as simple as typing in “e-cig sales” or even “e-cig coupons”. Using quotation marks will tell Google that discounts are exactly what you, the shopper, are looking for. Many sites will be listed, though navigating for coupons strictly through Google will require more time and knowledge, as many e-cig sites have tricky sales and coupons that are not genuine. It’s always going to be a little different than when you are dealing with a water damage contractor in long island.

If you have already found a favorite e-cigarette brand, then locating the coupons is as easy as pie. The best places to look are on the actual brand’s website. Often times coupons will be displayed on the front page, making finding a sale even easier. They will literally be visible upon entering. Many times, these sites also hide their coupons for special people. Gaining access to these coupons and promotions involves subscribing to the company’s new letter or blog. Social media is another place to look for sales and coupons on electronic cigarettes and to buy USA e-liquid, as “followers” will gain access to special codes for deals on their e-cigs.

Forums are also helpful for users looking for coupons. ECF, or Electronic Cigarette Forum, has an entire section with vendor coupons available to subscribers of the forum. These coupon forums are especially great because e-cig shoppers can often read reviews of thecompanies and select an  sale based off of what hundreds of other people have said. Sometimes, people in forums will even “cheat” and give away a special coupon promo code to other forum users, allowing other people shopping for electronic cigarettes a tricky way to take advantage of a certain sale.

Specific coupon sites are also available where shoppers can just browse categories with all e-cig sales posted. Generally, there will be a valid or no longer valid indicator that will display all e-cigarette coupons, even sales which have expired. This is a useful tool in helping shoppers ofsift through all of the clutter. If you require help re-building you may want to visit E-Cig shoppers find deals without having to guess whether or not the e-cig coupon has expired.

Social media is one of the best ways to find coupons. Now that hashtags are being used, e-cig shoppers are able to enter in keywords. Instead of searching Google, it will pull up the electronic cigarette coupons via real people. This can include flash sales, which are only available to the public for a limited amount of time. Some of these e-cig flash sales (which are growing in popularity) can sometimes be over 50% off electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. These coupons are perhaps the best deals that e-cig shoppers can take advantage of.

E-Hookahs – Fun, Easy and Inexpensive

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Many individuals have found tremendous success in knocking the cigarette habit with electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. The emergence of the E-hookah has become a fantastic middle-man for both vaping connoisseurs and traditional E-Cig users alike. Smoking real cigarettes can make your lungs as dark as a blacktop made by Allstate Paving.

E-Hookahs are usually very similar to electronic cigarettes. The majority of these devices are disposable, although some companies offer rechargeable versions. Most users of the new devices prefer disposable versions, as they are easier to work with, inexpensive and fun to try, use and then toss.hookah pen reviews

Users of the traditional hookah have expressed great interest in the new devices, as they are not only fun and catchy, but taste amazing. E-Hookahs use water vapor technology to deliver a similar experience of a traditional hookah without the mess, fire hazards and smoke. Sometimes kitchens can end up getting greasy if the wrong type of cabinet knobs are used such as oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware.

Once considered ritzy and kitsy, E-hookahs can now be purchased by the dozen, as they are far less expensive than their original predecessors. Hookah lounges are now finding competition with vaporiums, who boast the same experience without the thousands of toxic chemicals.

The tobacco of today is much deadlier than the past, and that in conjunction with the addition of molasses and sticky flavor additives, are far from healthy. Pesticides containing thousands of toxins now coat tobacco to combat the deadly superbugs which feast on the tobacco of today.

Instead of using tobacco, E-Hookahs use water, propylene glycol (in food and cosmetics), vegetable glycerin, nicotine (pharmaceutical grade) and various flavor additives, sometimes natural and sometimes artificial. This aspect of the E-Hookah is a wonderful incentive for health-conscious individuals who do not wish to subject themselves or other to smoke, while also being able to enjoy at their own leisure.

From holistic clinics to primary care physicians, many reputable sources are recommending E-hookahs to their patients and clients to either quit smoking or to promote relaxation, as many companies offer E-Hookahs without nicotine, leaving customers with only three basic ingredients. Though the E-Hookahs are relatively new, their health benifits and delicious taste variations are exponentially growing in popularity.

What Is Franchising?

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Franchising can be very confusing to those who are new to the concept, but even those who know what it is can get confused with the way it works. There are many nuances to working with and running a franchised business – but there are many, many perks and bonuses that can easily outweigh the potential problems that come along with it. Especially when the the alternate option is starting your own business from scratch.

First, the franchisee (the one paying the corporation) gains access to the brand. What would have been a Joe’s Burgers becomes a McDonald’s. This means that the menu can list all of their specialties and the owner can use that to draw customers. This definitely can be effective – people will stop by to eat because they know what they’re getting. It’s easy to pick up a Big Mac, whereas sometimes people won’t stop by a burger joint because they have no way of knowing what’s in store.

Second, the store can order straight from the franchise’s supplier. This means that the owner will have access to everything they need for their menu all the time. Suppliers are always within reach, and there shouldn’t ever be problems getting what you need to run your business. This is the real basis of the franchise – the franchise acts as the supplier and the franchisee sells the franchise’s goods.

Third, the franchisee and franchise essentially share the business. The franchisee pays the franchise a portion of the sales, as well as the fee to use the brand. In addition to this, the franchisee must follow the standards and regulations put forth by the franchise. Uniforms are generally standardized throughout a franchise, which helps give the appearance of one large chain, although technically, that is not the case.

Forth, the franchisee is given basic control over the operations of the store itself. While the franchsee gets essentially no say in how the business operates over all (work hours, uniform, products, etc) they do have control of the rest of the business. They take care of hiring and firing, making up a schedule, and the day to day business ongoings. So, no matter how it seems, running a franchise takes just as much diligence and work as running any other business.

Those are the basics. Basically, when a franchisee opens a new franchised location, they are opening a store as part of an already established chain, but they have control over the store. For example, if they were opening an SEO company in long island, they would have full control. There are many positives and negatives that come with it, and figuring out if franchising is the right move is something anyone thinking about doing it should consider.


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Mixing E-Liquid is a great way to gain access to flavors not available, or just not on your shelf at the time. Of course, good practice when mixing E-Liquids isn’t hard to learn. In fact, it’s rather easy. I’ll give you a quick overview of how to mix E-Liquids without much issue so that you know how it works, and then give you some combinations I’ve tried and how they work out. Also remember, using USA E-Liquids is always a better idea than China made ones, you never really know what is inside those bottles.

To get right on topic, a really easy way to fill a cartridge is by filling the cartridge condom up about half way, and slowly inserting the cartridge in so that it soaks up the usa e-liquidE-Liquid. It’s a great, mess free way to fill your carts. Now, following that, an easy way to physically mix the flavors is by doing the same – add a few drops of one flavored E-Liquid to the condom, then add a few of the other. Cover the condom with paper towel and just swirl it a bit. You don’t want the paper towel to get too much of the E-Liquid on it, or you’ll be out some E-Liquid. Also, be very careful to not get E-Liquid on your hands. And if you do, wash them immediately afterward. You can, of course, also mix E-Liquids into an E-Liquid bottle to do more at once. That will also give you the chance to make more exact proportions, since it’s hard to judge based on drops.

Now, as for what flavors go well together, this topic is a bit more varied. There are many flavors that mix 1 and 1 to get a specific desired flavor. For example, mixing cinnamon and apple gets a flavor akin to apple pie. And of course, chocolate and mint or menthol always mix into a mint chocolate chip well.

There are also flavors that just go well together. Chocolate and most fruity flavors mix well, like the fruit covered in chocolate fondue. And adding mint to a fruity flavor comes out tasting like a tic-tac flavored in that fruit. Coffee flavors go really well with tobacco flavors; the resulting taste feels like something of a morning cigarette. Coffee also goes great with chocolate for a mocha coffee flavor.

There are also more complex flavor. One I found online for example, called for chocolate, tobacco and coffee – it ended up being a tiramisu flavor that was great. A lot of mixing recipes call for specific flavors in specific concentrations, but when you start mixing, it’s best to try some simple ones first, and then maybe try your own.

Another great, related idea is mixing holiday appropriate flavors. If your friends vape too, maybe mixing them some holiday flavors for gifts is a great way to go. For example maybe adding a peppermint and chocolate flavor together, or even adding a vanilla flavor to that, to get a peppermint hot chocolate for christmas. Or add vanilla to the apple pie flavor for apple pie and vanilla ice cream for the 4th of July. There are a lot of flavors to be found for sale, and with the addition of mixing, there are thousands of possible flavors already, and more waiting to be discovered.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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With the FDA and WHO stepping in finally, regulations have begun to come into play. And with those regulations come voices from the crowd shouting one of three things. Lots of people are in favor of logical regulations – stop the selling to young adults, keep some base regulations to make sure that no company is using dangerous chemicals, etc. There are also people fighting to keep regulations off entirely. Then there are people fighting for complete banning on E-Cigs. personal vaporizer

Personally I fall in the first category. I believe E-Cigs should be regulated some, to keep them out of the hands of minor if possible, and make sure nothing that is not already approved for human consumption goes into them. And while I do understand the people fighting for no regulations, I think having the E-Cigs regulated is the logical way to go. It would keep dangerous ones off the market, and less people would get mixed up with potentially dangerous companies’ products. Companies in the e-cig niche help spread the word furthermore.

On the other hand, I think complete banning is a ridiculous step to take. No one has any idea if E-Cigs are actually bad for you. A few things have come up, yes, that are negative. Like the strengthening of staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) when faced with E-Cig vapor. And people immediately attacked E-Cigs for it. But, is that wise? Why would you attack a product that does that, but also stops people from smoking traditional cigarettes that are known to cause so much more harm? Which is the lesser of two evils, here?

And then there are the people who want them banned because we don’t know what the long term effects are. I understand that argument – I do. However, given the current information, I think that may not be the best approach this time. Assuming E-Cigs are used to replace traditional cigarettes, how could they be any worse than something that causes death? They can’t. They simply can’t. Even if they do cause death as well, that would be merely the same, but there is no evidence to support that they may cause illness. There are people out there who have been vaping for years already, with no ill effects.

Again, I don’t think that they should be completely unregulated, but I think full banning is too far. E-Cigs seem to be a better alternative to traditional cigarettes, so let people make the switch. If we find that E-Cigs are just as bad, then we’ll deal with that then, but we know how bad cigarettes are. Surely E-Cigs must be better. And what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?